Thursday, August 29, 2013


I am not responsible for others' irresponsibility.
Truly. I am not.
Stopped at the gas station to fill my tank. While filling, a 19ish year old, approached me, apologized for disturbing me and mumbled something about his friend needing to get to work and could I spare a buck or two.
Now, how will one or two dollars help the young man get to work? That won't even buy a gallon of gas. When I first pulled into the station, this young man was sitting outside the front doors and smoking a cigarette. So, what was this money going to be used for?
A hot dog, gas, cigarettes, beer, drugs, etc? Their car was parked at one pump down and across from mine. If he had money for a polar pop or cigarettes, then, this young man was not using his money wisely or well.
I declined to give him any money. And then, he shouted, "Oh, F-bomb!" strode off the car and they pulled away.
I didn't deserve to have profanity yelled in my face.
And I reiterate: I am not responsible for others' irresponsibility.
I am thankful it was just the f-bomb and nothing more serious. Really, one should be able to gas up one's tank without feeling threatened. Those young men need prayer and new life.

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