Monday, August 19, 2013


It was at the church council meeting last Wednesday evening - when as we were settling down to begin that one member checked her phone and got the message that this synod's bishop was just elected presiding bishop of the whole denomination!!! Surprise!
What a blessing to the larger denomination of this gifted, talented and insightful clergywoman and what a loss to this Synod.
Though I am not of this denomination, I have had great admiration of this bishop and her leadership, work and ministry in and throughout the Synod. She has weathered some rather tumultuous times within the Synod, and has sailed through them a bit bruised but not too battered. I know that she will be a gift to the larger church and do so ably and competently. I really hate to see her go! But understand that God is at work in her life and calling her to serve the church, share her gifts, and do so on much larger scale.
I knew this before LH did and brought the news home to him which he quickly confirmed on-line!!! That was priceless!! To know something of such great import in his denomination before he knew it!!!
It makes me begin to wonder my denominational regional leader. I admire her greatly, as well. She is much softer and gentler than the bishop, but just as powerful, able and competent. I hope she is not too anxious to leave us. The whole Presbytery has benefitted much from her leadership, ministry, insight and wisdom as well. I pray she stays for awhile longer.
Perhaps, I admire these clergywomen because they are comfortable in their own skin, confident and possess a deep faith.
I am feeling particularly blessed today, to have served with these clergywomen, to appreciate what a gift and grace they are,
and the example they show forth. Blessings be upon them and abound in their lives even as they continually answer the call to serve where God leads them for the good of God's people. I am thankful for them and give thanks to God for them.

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