Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Not to Use Our Oven -
We are still awaiting the range repairman who has since told us that they are still awaiting the part. Sigh. It's been two weeks.
LH and I decided to make a cole slaw salad on Friday. It calls for some toasted slivered almonds, which I had. I place some on the pizza baking sheet on a piece of foil - saves having to wash the pizza sheet.
LH said the repairman told him how to operate the oven without the display. OK. He touched bake (the oven is set at 350 degrees as the default setting, you can go up and down from there). After several minutes, he checked the oven and it was still cold. So he hit cancel. Then he hit bake and one touch on the up arrow. And we heard the oven click on. Hurray! It beeped when it hit 350 degrees, great! I put the almonds in for about 4-5 minutes for a light toasting. We check on them in 4 minutes and the almonds were black charcoal bits on the pizza sheet and there was that awful burnt smell. I had just made bits of charcoal in under 4 minutes! I don't know what happened but obviously, the repairman was wrong and we shouldn't use the oven at all!!!! Lesson learned. Thankfully, it was just a few small nut slivers and not something major like a casserole, meat, or potatoes or corn bread!!! Or heaven forbid, my brownies!!!
Looks like we have to wait some more before our oven is functional again. Just like we're still waiting on the drywaller.
What is it with repairs and service people that takes so long to respond to phone calls and getting parts? Indeed it is a mystery to me. I return calls in a timely manner. It's just unbelievable at times.
I had planned to bake a batch of cookies this Thursday to take to the Therapy Center where I am still working out as a thank you since this will be my last full week there. I don't see that happening now. I will have to bake them after the oven is fixed and then just drop them off after the fact.
I just wonder how much longer it will be...

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