Monday, May 13, 2013

As if the car repair wasn't enough, LH called me two days that same week at work, letting me know that we had a leak in the entryway by the den. He could tell by the quarter-sized discoloration of the ceiling. The plumber comes Friday morning, cuts a whole in the ceiling and finds the leak. He points out the stalagtyte that had formed on the PVC pipe. Ok, it was small, but still that meant for the last ten years there's been that drip to make that mineral formation. He points to the PVC joint he cut out that the pipe wasn't glued all the way around just on one spot. Great! No way the inspector for plumbing when the house was built was gonna catch that one. A couple Ben Franklin's later, and the leak is fixed. Just a hole in the ceiling remains.
LH has been leaving messages for the drywaller for 10 days.
That weekend LH announces that we must've lost power since the stove display wasn't on. I didn't recall seeing the microwave display blinking. Turns out, the stove display panel is gone, kaput. The repairman has to order a new panel which will take at least a week. Meanwhile, we can't use the stove, since we have no way of knowing really what temperature it is or when the oven is preheated to that mystery temperature whose number is not displayed.
I'm beginning to think LH is spending far too much time at home!!!! He calls me with nothing but depressing news of things going wrong in the house!!!! It's time he finds a new position!!!

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