Monday, May 20, 2013

A Spirited Pentecost -
All in all it was a good Pentecost Sunday which followed on the heels of a Presbytery meeting which entailed a two hour drive one way and having to leave early, so I could make dinner and go over all I needed for Sunday. We honored 5 young people who graduated from HS. I gave them my bits of wisdom in keeping faith that I roll into "diploma" and tie with a ribbon. They also received a cross bookmark with the words from Jeremiah, "I know the plans I have for you..." printed on them. Then, one youth was confirmed in his faith, wearing a white robe with a red carnation corsage. He joined the choir just last month and whether he realizes it fully or not, is indeed, living into his faith and using his God-given gifts for the good of the faith community. All in his quiet way. I made a cheeseball and brought crackers for the coffee hour for folks who want to avoid sugary cake and treats or can't have them. The service went very well, although a bit longer with the graduate recognition and the confirmation. But, there was good energy and we had some extra folks with and among us, even a family visiting whose youngest daughter will be baptized next Sunday after worship and Sunday School. Thanks be to God for the gift of God's Spirit and a wonderful celebration of young lives nurtured and growing in faith.

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