Monday, April 16, 2012

I am still mulling over Still by Lauren F. Winner. I enjoyed her book immensely, resonating the dark night of my soul with her experience of God's hiddenness. The Great Silence I have been living through is echoed through her book. Her retelling of the Eucharist with an elderly couple, the husband who could not eat and whose wife ate the wafer for him was touching and perceptive.
I especially liked her location lectio divina and hope to incorporate that type of lectio in my own faith life.
It was a wonderful read and I could not wait to get her next thoughts.
Surely our faith journeys are unique and there are those times when God is hidden or silent but never absent. It is helpful, encouraging and inspiring to read of other's experiences and how God continues to be present to us, connect to us and draw us into God, even in times of hiddenness, dark nights, and silence.
Truly I appreciated not only receiving this book, but Lauren's offering and honesty in living through this time of her faith journey. May it encourage all who go through times of doubt, silence, and distance from God.
I am better for having read it and will continue to refer to Still. From Still, I can take heart, and continue to listen for and speak to the Great Silence who I know is still with me.

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Deb said...

I also read STILL in a state of middle/muddle. I'm with you - I'm looking forward to moving out of this stage in the ever-flowing change of life with The Holy