Thursday, April 12, 2012

is what the American Presidential campaign is today. It shames me and makes me angry. It should shame and anger us all.
The May Reader's Digest noted that one campaign can cost a total of 707 million dollars, nearly a billion dollars!
61 million in travel
65 million in staff
435 million in advertising
54 million in operations
30 million in fund raising
28 million in polling
34 million in events
For a grand total of 707 million dollars that could go to reduce the deficit, fund health care for children, seniors, and the indigent, and other programs.
What are we doing, folks? Other countries have time limits on campaigns and spending limits on campaigns, like Ireland.
Campaigning should be limited to three months and a cap set on spending.
Candidates would still have time to debate, hold their convention and we would be spared wasting countless millions of dollars, more negative and untruthful ads on TV and radio, and an end to countless automated phone calls from politcal people, and polling companies who interrupt our dinners, our family time, etc.
In what manner is this good stewardship of money or time or people?
So much more can be done with the money wasted on campaigns and the time spent on campaigning to address the problems in our country and to build up our nation.
We should be ashamed as a country and put an end to such wastefulness. The campaign should not be run or won by who has the most money, but who is most competent leader for each party.
It all has gotten insanely out of control and I grieve over our wastefulness. I think God grieves as well.

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