Friday, April 20, 2012

RGBP'S FRIDAY FIVE - INTERNET CONNECTIONS Isn't it interesting that on this day, Blogger has gone to a new look and I've had navigate the new look and where to find everything and Friday Five is about internet?!!! 1. Do you use social connections, like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in or whatever else there is? Describe how you use it/these. I use Facebook for family and friends, to touch base. I don't use Twitter at all. 2. Do you text on your cell phone? Work, friends, family? I am on a basic plan with no texting or internet connection. I have a landline and a computer. Until they make a cell phone that you can use for overseas calls without charging an arm and a leg, I won't be using the cell for my actual phone. Even the calls to Canada are outrageous compared to our landline plan. I am looking to the day when American cell phones can work overseas so if you are travelling on business or pleasure you can use your phone. All this technology and they can't come up with a workable solution that isn't so expensive? 3. Do you play any games? Which ones? Nope. I play a version of Solitaire on the computer. 4. How do you predominantly use the various electronic devices you possess? The cell phone for calls when I'm out and about. When I lived away from home while serving a church my cell phone was my phone. Too bad it was an LG which never could hold a charge for very long. I was constantly recharging that one. My Samsung is much, much better. 5. How do you feel about blogging? Are you as involved in blogging as when you first started? What facilitates your blogging? I still like to keep up with it. Although, not as often as I used to. I usually write about my present experiences and how they tie in spiritually, but not always. Bonus: Anything you want to add. You might like to discuss what helps you most in your vocation with internet connections. I'm pretty much a cheap Luddite when it comes to technology. I believe cell phones could be cheaper to use. I am sure that one day, cell phones will replace most computers, it's just that they are harder to type on than an actual keyboard. I have trouble with getting my pictures onto the computer and so don't post any. Some day, when I have time, I'll have to try and figure it out. My challenge at the moment is getting familiar with the new blogger interface. Sigh. Always something new.

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