Thursday, April 26, 2012

I don't know what's going on with bath and body manufacturers, but
I'm getting rather tired of not being able to find body wash and lotion
that doesn't smell like a fruit. Do I want to shower first thing in the morning
and walk around smelling like a pomegranate, a fig,a pear, a peach, a cucumber or a
melon? Not really. If I want to smell fruit, I'll go to the produce section
of the grocery store and sniff away.
Personally, I like clean, fresh scents like linen, fresh cotton, rain,
maybe a hint of lavendar, but not a rose bush.
They used to make such scents as serenity, energizing, calm, etc.
Most of the scents that are out there are really awful and turn me off.
So, I do use some basic, pedestrian products that at least don't make
me sick from the smell and leave me smelling clean and fresh.
I also stopped using a shampoo brand that I've used for years once
they stopped that variety and marketed a whole new one whose smell I
could not abide.
A note to you, manufacturers of shampoos, body washes and lotions,
make more pleasant scents that aren't over poweringly fruity and run
some marketing tests to see whether the smell of your product is not
a turn off rather than somehing pleasingly pleasant.
I's a small thing really but something I use daily and I want it to
be a pleasant and enjoyable experience and not something that starts
my day off on the wrong note.

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