Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday Five: Essentials Edition

KathrynZ notes that she lacked the boots she needed to head to an area of snow and how could she be without an essential for her area. List 5 essential things needed in the area you live. Bonus: what you were wearing that made people look twice because it was out of place.

1. Snowthrower/shovel - for those big snows most winters. This year we only
fired up the snowthrower twice.

2. Central airconditioning - for those hot, humid spring, summer and fall

3. Winter coat - preferrably a warm one and hats, scarves and mittens

4. Boots - although I only had to wear my boots once this winter.

5. Yaktraks - to put on your shoes and boots to walk on ice - actually
didn't use them this winter. Did last year! Made it from
my van through the church parking lot to the church entrance.

6. Duvet - wonderful warmth in the winter. Wouldn't live without one!!

BONUS: For our Saturday night worship near Halloween, I wore black slacks,
sweater and mismatched socks - green polka dots on the left and
green stripes on the right. I thought we were going to stay for
the potluck and party when worshippers decided to go out to eat
instead. I was going to be a fool-for-Christ and had my jester's
hat, a wild tie dye T-shirt to change into. I'm sure folks wondered
about my mismatched socks - I had another pair just like them at
home in my sock drawer!!!


Teri said...

Yaktraks sound so interesting...and handy!

Thanks for a fun play!

kathrynzj said...

central air - amen and amen.

Thanks for playing!