Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jan at RGBP's notes:
All day I have looked repeatedly at RevGals to see where today's Friday Five is. . . . AND only right now, at 2 pm in Texas, do I realize I am the one in charge! I am sorry I am so late and forgetful.

That brings forth all the times I've been late or forgot something. How about you?

When have you been late or a no-show? When have you forgotten something or someone?

1. at church
I've been late to church council meetings from Oct.-Dec. last year, due
to accidents each month on council night on the interstate. When we
switched council night in Jan. there have been no accidents and I've
arrived early!

2. at home
A few times, when my visits lasted longer, or I had details to attend
to that lasted longer than I had anticipated.

3. at work
Not that I can think of, I have been on time to church on the day I
am in the office and for worship.

4. with friends
Normally, I'm on-time if not a wee bit early.

5. ? where else?
Perhaps, the one time I forgot my sermon on a Sunday morning while in
the midst of an unplanned departure from that church and very stressed
out about it. I left the sermon on the kitchen table and once I
arrived at the church, had an elder do the breakfast prayer on Palm
Sunday, while I drove like a crazy person home and back to the church
in time for worship. Thank goodness, traffic was light and there were
no police on that county highway. I did it in record time!!!!

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