Friday, April 29, 2011

With kathrynzj's help, here is a Royal Wedding Friday Five:

1) Will you be watching? If so, is this your first royal wedding?
Nope. Not getting up that early. Saw Diana & Prince Charles' with my
great-aunt when I was visiting my grandma in Switzerland.

2) The bride has chosen as her wedding cake a fruitcake. Where do you stand on this pastry?
Best used for a doorstop! Although, they are having the biscuit cake
as well. If it's anything like the one my nephew & his wife had at
their wedding with no flour, just chocolate, pound cake & cookies and
covered with Cadbury fingers, it will be mighty tasty! Should get that
3) The dress code for royal weddings has not seen the same sad decline as that for most other weddings. If you could design your own royal wedding hat, what color would it be and what special decoration would it feature?
Probably sage green or a royal blue. Feathery things and a flower!

4) Any chance the Archbishop of Canterbury is using a Sustainable Sermon (tip of the mitre to the Vicar of Hogsmeade)? What would you tell the couple were you offering the homily?
Faith is a foundation for marriage and will see you through the best
and worst of times together. Love each other well. Laugh often. Be
kind and gentle with one another. Don't go to bed angry.
5) Believe it or not, kathrynzj is getting up early mostly to see the wedding dress. By the time this post is up, the world will have seen it. Did you like it?
Too much lace for me. It was pretty understated not much sparkly. I
liked that it wasn't strapless like all the gowns shown here which
is not flattering on everybody. I thought Diana's (although the train
was much too long!) was a fairy-tale princess dress and yes, dated
by today's standards. As long as the bride loved it and her prince
thought she was beautiful, that's all that really matters.

ALTERNATIVELY: If you don't want to play this, and think we are goofballs, that's okay. Instead of telling us we're goofballs, why don't you tell us something fun you're going to do this weekend. We promise to get around to visit all of you eventually!

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