Saturday, April 02, 2011


I am asking for five quick picks of things that are good in your life. And as a bonus, 1 pick for a thing you could do without.
If you want to describe them? Great.

1. Jett is still with us and celebrating his 10th birthday today!!!

2. Ladies' NO. One Detective Agency DVD set, I am presently watching
and reliving the books all over again!

3. There is still some Swiss chocolate left and one bag of Milk Chocolate
Clodhoppers from Canada. If only they'd market them here. Maybe not a
good idea. Can't afford to gain any more weight!

4. I have most of my services planned out until the 2nd Sunday of Easter.

5. My sister and my best friend. Also LH, my partner and best friend.

BONUS: I can do without all the cold and would welcome more spring-like temps!

1 comment:

kathrynzj said...

Spring, yes SPRING!
Thank you for playing. :)