Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Back from vacation to spend time with sister and BIL. Windy City still windy.
Cedar Beach was thin as the Lake level was higher with all the rain that it received and a lot of beachy grass and scrubby growth. Since I saw a snake slither into the growth last summer while strolling the beach, I was disinclined to tromp through all that growth not knowing what I'd walk into.
Caught a gorgeous rainbow over the lake and it took to photos to get it all in!!!
I lost at mini golf.
I lost at Jenga.
I lost twice at croquet.
Fortunately, I am for the most part a good loser.
Got in lots of reading - The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series. Been plowing through them
Still have a couple things left to tackle on my dossier.
Cleaned house - although there is still much to put away.
Ran the dishwasher and will be putting the sheets and eventually towels in the wash.
Today will be night three of LH's VBS.
Am deadheading my profusely blooming red geraniums, doing battle with Japanese
beetles, and having to water every other day the flower bed and herb garden.
Finding delight in seeing little green tomatoes on the vine!
Saw a beautiful leopard butterfly (at least that's my name for it- orange with spots and not a monarch) munching on my echinacea or purple cone flowers.
Just feels really weird not being in a church office or preparing for Sunday or making visits.
Working with the new greyhound. Exchanged Gozar-the-Destructor-Toby, who needed a family and someone around most of the time and lots more activity than we were able to give him for Ty - a shy black 5 year old, with a white chest, nipped ear, and chewed up tongue. He growls at LH whenever LH walks into the room where Ty is.
Ty is the most vocal grey we've had, barks at everything and nothing. He is slowly getting better. He's also eating more now and seems to enjoy the chicken broth made with chicken liver, hearts, gizzards, butt and extra fat that came with the chicken we grilled over the weekend. It takes a lot of patience with a grey that is this shy.
The late Ben, also took some time to settle in, and get used to LH. He still always jumped whenever the pot lids clanged together, or something got dropped on the floor and he was the sweetest grey we ever had.
Ty has a mischievious side as he as stolen a rag from the laundry room and chewed up a pamphlet in the study. Hope that will go away in time.
So, that's where I am at the moment. Being a Hausfrau and Doggie Mom and escorting the 3rd-6th graders at VBS. Not bad, but just not being as useful as I long to be.
Why is it, when we are serving and running full tilt and yearning for a few days of just being with God, and then, when transition comes and we have days to just be with God, we are yearning to be back in the pulpit? (Sigh)Are we never content?

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