Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Naked House -
Our house was naked for a time yesterday, as it shed its vinyl outerwear. Today, the workers are attaching new siding. Shortly after we moved in, the siding on the north side of the house began to bow. So, the company came, fixed it and put a patch of new siding on it. Well, over the past 5 years the siding has faded except for the new patch. (Note, our house is only 6 years old) Because it looked really bad, especially if we want to put our house on the market, we contacted the company and were able to get the work done on warranty!
Since it is somewhat drizzly this morning with a big dark green blob on the radar screen heading our way, the men won't get much done today and the house will only be semi-clothed. There will be more noise and banging and hammering, etc. tomorrow.
The one fellow brought his 2 sons with him yesterday. They worked really hard toting siding, separating out sizes, and cleaning up the litter. I baked a batch of my delicious chocolate chip cookies and they all had some - fresh baked!!!
I'll be glad when the job is done and all the noise is over.
Felt pretty exposed to the neighborhood with our naked house. Just the way one feels when confessing one's sins to God - exposed and vulnerable, contrite, humbled, and naked before the One who knows us, forgives us and still loves us. Then we put on our new clothes in Christ - all fresh and clean and it feels delightful and wonderful, like putting on a clean shirt straight from the clothes line all crisp and fresh smelling of sun and wind. It is good to shed the old, the stained, the worn and faded to put on the new, fresh, clean and spotless. How thankful I am for the grace, forgiveness and love of my Lord Jesus Christ.

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