Thursday, July 23, 2009


This week so far, I've been reading, Christianity for the Rest of Us, by Diana Butler Bass, cleaned house, did some laundry, did poop patrol in the backyard, dusted some of my plants with Sevin due to the Japanese Beetle outbreak, took down one bag of dead Japanese Beetles and put up a fresh one, made several dinners and did dishes, shortened and hemmed a pair of slacks, mended a hole in a dress, had an interview for an interim position (which would entail my renting an efficiency apartment and living away from home) and weighing the cost of that, and did some weeding - more remains to be done.
It finally rained some last night and this morning - a fine and misty rain that measured about 1/2 inch in the rain gauge, but we'll take it. The Gingko, Birch and Newport Plum have been stressed due to lack of rain. Hope we get some more.
Am contemplating a temp position to help a colleague who is serving 4 churches in a consortium for the next month. Mostly, hospital calls, home communion, one community meal and devotion once a week, and other odd assortment of tasks. Cannot afford to lose my medical benefits at this time though.
LH has just resigned his position and is actively seeking a new call. We have never both been without a position at the same time and am seeking desperately not to allow anxiety to get the better of me.
All prayers are truly appreciated and welcomed.
LH's blood pressure has dropped to acceptable levels and its not all due to medication.
The dogs seem content to have me home most of the time and I am grateful for their comforting furry presence.
Everything has so unraveled and I try not to let fear take hold, but to cling to the hope of the new thing God is working in our lives. It is not easy.
So, I try to content myself with the mundane and keep praying to the Lord, who must hear the prayers of the desperate.

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