Monday, December 22, 2008

So far during Advent:
*I had a cracked wheel replaced with a new wheel
* LH had a ball joint shear off and had that replaced.
*We had to put Ben, our beloved sweet greyhound down.
*LH was taken to the ER by our EMS for uncontrolled nosebleed.
*LH was taken to the ER by me several hours later that same day for another
uncontrolled nosebleed.
*LH went to the ENT Doc for a cauterization - it seems to be working!!!!
*Our neighbor helped me bring the tree in from the garage and set it in the
tree stand. What a help that was.
*LH was not considered further for a new position.
*We received news that USADOG has a new greyhound for us!!! We pray for good
weather on Dec. 30th when we drive to Ft. Wayne, IN to pick him up. A new grey
to start a New Year!!!
* Attended an Advent event at LH's church
* Attended the Women's Assoc. luncheon
* Hospital and nursing home calls
* Children's Christmas program
* Made M & M, chocolate pretzels for above program
* Bought and bagged gifts for 13 staff people at two churches ( most gifts already
bought earlier in the year - just a couple little things to purchase.)
* Vacuumed the floor, mopped the floor, cleaned toilets, did the laundry.
* Made and baked Amish Friendship Bread - passed along the starter.
I am so ready for Christmas Eve and the week vacation to follow!!! It has been a busy, interesting, worrisome, grieving, rejoicing, tiring, prayerful, grace-filled Advent.

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