Monday, December 15, 2008


a shy, gentle, sweet creature came into our lives. He had funny forward ears, an Elvis sneer ( a mouth tick), and a weepy eye that just needed drying at times. He was a black brindle male with a white chest just 2 1/2 years old with nary a racing record. He was even related to our first greyhound. Ben was the sweetest greyhound ever. He wouldn't hurt a fly, never had a bad thought and didn't ever growl. He only barked at the neighbor man when he yelled at his kids. Ben didn't like yelling especially at young children. Ben like children alot. Ben never asked for much, except to be loved and not yelled at. He never demanded anything, not even your affection. He gentled me - a daily reminder to be more gentle.
Whoever had him, must've yelled at Ben a lot and used swear words - Ben knew every swear word and would make himself scarce whenever he heard them. I think it was because he didn't run or train as they wanted. Perhaps his lip tick came from a hard smack or nerve damage - the same with his weepy eye. I don't know. He glommed onto me and it took him a few years to warm up to LH.
It was only after we had his dew claws removed (after he tore one while running in the backyard)that he discover the pure and utter delight of running for the sheer delight and fun of it. Ben loved to run as play!!!! Oh, how he loved to run just because he could!!!!
On Saturday, December 13th, we walked Ben to Rainbow Bridge and in mercy had him put down. The arthritis in his hips had done him in. His sight, hearing and spirit were still strong, but his arthritic hips betrayed him. Ben had a good soul, you could see it in his eyes and heart.
We grieve a great grief, LH and I. I miss him so much.
So does Jett who is grieving too and all too quiet for the rascal he is.
Our Benny and Jett duo has ended. Only Jett remains physically with us, but Ben, Ben will be in our hearts and memories forever. Dear sweet, gentle Ben...

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