Wednesday, May 07, 2008


In recent weeks, I have had to keep the door of the bluebird house open as the sparrows again had taken over the house. On the roof of the house is a small plastic dish for mealworms for the bluebirds.
When I hadn't seen the sparrows for awhile and saw the swallows flying around, I closed up the house. Last Friday, a swallow went into the house, and there were some chirps and the swallow and a sparrow flew out.
So, I once again opened the birdhouse door.
In the meanwhile, I still put out mealworms for Beau and Belle, the bluebirds. If we can't be a Bed & Breakfast, we can at least offer a snack.
For the past two days, the sparrow has crapped in the feeding dish. Pure, unadulterated spite! So, I've had to clean out the dish before putting in the worms.
Last evening, Beau came by, ate his fill and perched on the birch for some time, just resting, just giving me opportunity to enjoy him. I delight in the bluebirds and it is sad that they cannot use the house that is theirs. But I enjoy their visits and am glad they return often to say hello and let me be in their company.

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