Wednesday, January 09, 2008

That Annoying Feeling of Inertia...

Don't know what is nor can I put my finger on it exactly, it's just annoying feeling of inertia I've had lately. So much that needs to be done, planned for Lent, Easter, etc. Confirmation class to prepare for, Annual Report due, Newsletter article coming up, another week and another sermon, Presbytery meeting on Saturday, Session meeting Sunday after worship with Presbytery liasons for Triennial visit, ughhh...and I just can't seem to move and get going. To top it all off, I can't find things: my confirmation books (they seemed to have just vanished into thin air), a folder from Presbytery gathering on Small, Strong churches, my retreat folder on grace, etc....
I just wanted to sleep yesterday, so tired. I did doze on the couch from 10:00 ish pm until nearly 11 pm and woke in time for the news!
Now that I finished my annual report, spoke with a neighboring pastor about our county Pres churchs' Lenten Soup Suppers and have an idea and ordered the book, I'm starting to feel more energy, only slowly.
I think that the Presbytery meeting is already draining me of energy - too much time sitting and hearing ones who like to talk talk. The shine has long worn off going to Presbytery meetings, it's more an obligation, chore and duty than it is a joy. If they could be just 9 am to noon, that would be great, but it ends up being all day plus travel time.
Will continue to pray and work at shaking off this inertia of heavy tiredness and acedia.

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