Monday, April 23, 2007

Timing is Everything

The Holy Spirit's timing and mine are just a shade out of sync. That's the bane and blessing of the Holy Spirit - he/she comes at will, cannot be controlled, and is there at the right time.
So there I had struggled with my sermon this week and the only thought was, I can't preach this!
My day off Friday was spent running to and fro to three grocery stores, the gas station, the car wash, home, the lawn mower repair place (nearly 1/2 trip one way),
Target, the Vet's (annual heartworm and shots) and home in time to bake a cake for LH's Early Communion Class (an annual ritual). Then came dinner, some laundry, and dishes.
I was up early Saturday to get to the Presbytery meeting about an hour and a half away. Sat all morning, sat after lunch, until I could sit no more. Although parts of the meeting were inspiring and good, I knew I still had prayers to write, gather up the children's sermon items, and find the white towel I use for baptisms. So, at 2 pm I left, stopped for gas, stopped to pick up a board book for a baby shower for a Deacon and got home in time to write a prayer before dinner. I typed and printed out that prayer and slowly headed into the kitchen to begin dinner preparation when - BAPPP!!! Out of the blue (which is where Holy Spirit likes to come from!)I knew what was missing from my sermon - being stretched in faith - like Ananias, Saul/Paul, and the disciples back at fishing. Now, I knew, I could preach THAT sermon! And oh, I could hardly get through dinner and start typing away. I was able to leave most of the sermon in tact, but was able to add this in and rework things. OHHHHH, if only the HS had come on Thursday afternoon when I struggled and struggled to write. But, just before dinner, after a long day, on Saturday before Sunday, the HS came, and all I could do was to accept humbly and gratefully and with great joy its offering.
Quite frankly, I wish the HS was more in sync with my schedule, but the beauty of God's Spirit comes in waves of inspiration and grace at any moment, usually just when we need it most.
So, there went my supply of rubber bands, as the ushers handed them out on Sunday morning as a reminder to us all to be stretched in faith. Just as the HS had stretched me in faith until Saturday right before supper.

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