Tuesday, April 10, 2007

After Easter Blahs....

Ok, so this year I wised up and took a reading day for the Monday after Easter!!!!!!!!! I slept in and read most of the day. What a most wonderful thing!
Easter, of course, began at 5 am and it was a cold, dark, blustery morning. We held the sunrise service at 6:45 am inside at our Methodist neighbors' church since they were doing the breakfast this year. Had a few less than last year! Can't imagine why!!? (Like too cold and icky!)
The Easter service went well without any real glitches. I was home by 1 pm making the long-anticipated Egg Salad and spreading it on a sandwich. Hmm...tasty.
LH and I engaged in some major power napping in the afternoon.
Dinner consisted of an eastern seaboard city market chicken pot pie heated in the oven. Actually, it tasted mighty fine on a cold, with little snow day. Just a wee simple meal for Easter Sunday.
Last night, I heated up ham slices and the scalloped potatoes that were left-over from last week, and steamed some fresh aspargus. So, we had an Easter dinner on Easter Monday.
Here it is already Tuesday and I am working on Sunday's bulletin for our third annual Joy Sunday!
"Joy is the echo of God's life within us." - Joseph Marmion
Someday, I would like to work up a comedy routine, but that takes time and space for imagination and creativity, which is something I lack.
We do have a skit that our "Not-Ready-for-Sunday-morning-Players" will perform and folks bring clean, funny jokes to tell. Everyone leaves happier and healthier after our service!
Lord, grant me a joyful heart and a holy sense of humor.
I will probably be using Isaiah 35:1-10 for the Old Testament lesson. I was on a retreat last fall when part of that scripture was read and I heard, "A highway shall be there and it shall be called the Holy Way; the unclean shall not travel on it, but it shall be for God's people; no traveler, not even fools shall go astray."
Well, and there you go, I never heard the rest for it was just assurance that I needed from God - fools will not go astray - fools shall travel on the Holy Way!!!!
God has vindicated me as a fool!!!! I have been a fool all my life and now I know there is a place for me in the kingdom of God!! So how can I not but share such good news with the folks I am serving? May they find assurance and know that God created us creatures of mirth and joy!!!!!
May God grant you a joyful heart, a holy sense of humor, and confidence that even fools will not go astray!

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