Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What's in YOUR handbag?

Saw this at St. Casserole's. Thought something fun and light would help break away the stress from last week now manifested in my lower back.
Or maybe its the meds - the muscle relaxers or the pain reliever.

Here's a fun game!

Tell me what's in your handbag! If you don't carry a handbag, tell me what's in your pockets, messenger bag, backpack, auto glove compartment or that fanny pack you won't stop wearing.

Here's what's in my handbag:
eyeglass case
mini brush,
little bottle excederin
cell phone
bulging wallet
2006 weekly calendar
bank envelope with money
St Francis of Assisi card - left over from a children's sermon
2007 Hallmark freebie calendar
pepper packets in the front pocket
a zip drive thingy
an old grocery shopping list
8 pens
Doctor's office receipt (from this morning)
energency vet magnet (with phone number and address)
3 books of matches ( to light Old Folks Home candle for worship)
2 Dew Kiss lip balm by Avon
a magnifying glass,
a lighter
a pocket mirror
1 hand sanitizer packet
6 pepcids (for Small Town Pizza)
packet mini emery boards
mini tape measure
1 wooden beaded finger rosary
my trusty full size Swiss Army knife (tweezers, and corkscrew included - never know when you need to open a bottle of communion wine!)

So that's what really in there. Amazing that I can get it all in such a little purse and not a tote bag, huh?

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