Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Although, I was speeding my way through Advent, I have hit a roadblock. At 11:30 am Saturday, my back give me tinge and it was out. Even when Ben cut his back paw while out in the back yard Sat. around 4pm, (on only who knows what since there's only grass, 2 small trees, and one stone in our yard, aside from my small garden), I could not straighten up and rushed him with a profusely bleeding paw wrapped in gauze to the emergency vet. Normally it takes about 15-20 minutes. I made it in 10, breaking every speed limit!! Cautherization didn't work and they had to knock him to stitch the cut. Now, I have to give him antibiotic every day and take him back to the regular vet on Wed. am. (Like I only have a gazillion things to do at the church).
On Sunday, with the children's program the bulk of the service, I didn't have much to do and I did it all hunched over.
On Monday afternoon I had the cleaning service coming to clean my house after a month and having to cancel last week due to an all day funeral. When i called the Doc for an appointment (the pain was just so horrendous), I could either have Mon afternoon (cancel cleaning) or Tues am. I chose to stay in pain til Tues. I did my home remedy stuff and worked on my Christmas Eve service. (Yea! it's done!!)
Slept on couch with heating pad.
Took all of 5 mins for the Doc to look at me and write out the prescriptions. That was 40 minutes after the time of my appointment. Then there was the drive home and to the pharmacy. Had to wait to turn in the prescription, then it was another 20 minutes. I got to the van, took one of each pill with some water and I was on my way to church. The railroad crossing barriers were down with nary the sound of a train in sight and cars lined up. Finally, after 5 minutes, with no train, someone at the box, raised them.
Even when I raced with the car to get to the Doctor's office, to get to the Pharmacy to get to church, I could only go slowly and hunched over, when I walked. It takes 2-3 times longer to do everything, from showering, to dressing, to fixing breakfast or lunch, like I'm moving in slow motion during this very last week of Advent with so much left to do. I fear some visits won't happen til after Christmas.
Now, if I could just stay awake - my eyelids are drooping, the meds must be working.
God, forgive me for rushing through Advent without honoring the time of expectant waiting. Now, I in my slowness remember pregnant Mary's slowness, the slowness of the journey to Bethlehem, the slow dark night of the shepherds out in the field with their flocks. Bless this slowness to me, O Lord, that I may receive more fully your birth, your coming to me this Christmas. Amen.

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