Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Christmas Wish

At this point, I'll settle for a clean house and just a whole extra day to do my laundry and wrap gifts. 2 12 hour days in a row and the whole day tomorrow will be taken up by the funeral. I am so tired today.
I did make it to a parishioner's Tastefully Simple snack party last night. Pretty tasty stuff. I ordered the Garlic Garlic as my early Christmas present. LH will stay away from it as it is really, really garlicky!!!
I did get LH Papal Bull Rub and Kitty My Rib Rub from Old We really liked the Kitty My Rib Rub. So, he'll be pleased with that gift.
I'm hoping to make a quick stop to the Pet Store to get the Boys their favorite cookies - they look like Oreo's and sandwich cookies and come in carob, vanilla and peanut butter. I already got them their pupperoni in bacon flavor!!!
What I really want for Christmas is: for God's Spirit to among us and within us as a church to be vital, alive, serving and faithful, that would call up 2 people to serve as Deacons and 1 to serve as Elder. That would not complain when we sing a newer hymn. For some younger families with children to join us as part of Christ's body. for the behemoth pew to finally break or to have casters put on it so it can more easily be rolled for funerals and Bloodmobile. For inspiration and creativity and imagination to have space to be active and flowing.
And I would like a day to just laze about!
What are your wishes for Christmas? Other than peace in the world, our communities and our lives?

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Anonymous said...

Wishes for Christmas...hmmm. Do I do cynical or optimistic wishes?

1. Less materialism
2. Less financial stress
3. More quiet conversations
4. More board-game playing
5. Less presents, more Presence (Cutesy, I know, but it just came to me.)