Monday, October 09, 2006

Home Again!

LH and I are back safe and sound after our trip across the pond. It began hectic enough but slowed to a nice finish even if we did get a nasty cold bug.
Things I Enjoyed Most About our Trip to Scotland:
1. Iona
2. The every changing sky and sea
3. The people we met at Macleod Center
4. The resources at the Gift Shop
5. St. Giles Cathedral
6. Haggis
7. Bangers and Mash
8. Oban
9. Loch Ness - sans monster (although saw several fiberglass versions!)
10. Culzean Castle
11. Robbie Burns' Cottage
12. The Paisley Abbey
13. the silk-blend sweater I bought
14. LH not getting into an accident while driving on the left
or going around a gazillion rotaries!
15. Comfortable bed in our cottage in Ayr
16. Slipping into England on a gorgeous day to see Hadrian's Wall
(or the bits left of it and the Roman ruins)
17. A hot toddy with some great Scotch
18. Sheila Fleet
19. The young man in formal highland dress in Perth
20. The thistle mug I brought back
21. The hanging baskets of flowers still blooming
22. The quaint placemats
23. Finding a great place to eat out of the blue.
24. The mist and the fog
25. The lovely brogue

As much as I enjoy going away, I am always ready to be back at home and in my own bed! Finally finished the piles of laundry and replenished the fridge. Been catching up at the church and thankfully, no major emergencies occurred while I was away. Was able to ease into Sunday morning since Jr. & SR Hi merged their SS class for a study on the Chronicles of Narnia. The Sr. Hi teacher is teaching it. But I get to return the favor this week, while he is gone.
The Mon. AM Women's Bible Study is on a field trip, which I didn't need to attend and so this has been a gentle way to begin anew! I feel ever so blessed and graced to have enjoyed such a great vacation and to come back and ease my way back into rhythmn. Naturally, it all picks up steam from here for the next two weeks, so I'll just savour the moment.

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