Monday, September 18, 2006

Vacation Adventure...

Never fails, everytime we go away on vacation, I always think of some things I'll miss:
1. My Greys, Ben and Jett.
2. Playing the daily Trivia on RGBP even though I am as slow as
molasses. How do folks read through the questions so fast?!!?
I know my rhythm is slower, I just didn't think I was cart and
buggy slow. But everyone seems to be Ferrari Fast!
3. I confess. I will miss the Season Premier of Desperate Housewives.
4. My ripening tomatoes. Hope there's still some left when we return.
5. My bed.
6. Talking with my sister.
7. Keeping up with all the RGBPs.

Things I won't miss:
1. Writing a sermon!!
2. Hospital/nursing home visits!!!!!
3. Committee meetings!!!!!!
4. Women's meeting!!!!!!
5. Cleaning house!!!!!
6. Feeding the humingbirds, bluebirds, greyhounds
and husband!!!!
Well, I'll still have to feed the husband while on vacation, since he'll be with me!!!
Well, Gals, I'm off across the Pond headed for the mists and fog of the land of Scots and the Isle of Iona. I'll be off-line for 2 full weeks, soaking up a different culture, making space for God, and looking for more signs-along-the-way. LH and I are ready to brave driving on the opposite side of the street, wish us well. Let be known, that we drove around Florence, Italy for four solid hours trying to find our hotel. That was driving around the old part of Florence for at least 2 hours and then driving around in the old part for almost 2 hours. I do not joke. I do not kid. I am not proud of this at all!!! So, we'll see what awaits us on this vacation adventure.
In the meanwhile, God's peace be with each and all of you.

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