Tuesday, October 17, 2006


1. Comfort beverage: A cup of rich, steaming hot chocolate with
mini marshmallows floating on top.

2. Comfort chair: Actually the right corner (if you're facing it) of the
couch. I lived on that couch nearly three months
after tearing the quad muscle off my knee. I have
three pillows piled in strategic places. It's just a
matter of being able to commandeer my space
from the Greys who also like the same spot!
3. Comfort Read: A novel. Still finishing up one from vacation.
4. Comfort TV/DVD/Music: Vicar of Dibley DVD's, Fiddler on the Roof,
Mannheim Steamroller, or Classical
5: Comfort companions: Of course, LH. And then there's the Greys;
Benny and the Jett. They can comfort anyone
because they both like to stroked and hugged
and even smootched!
As the snow has fallen in Buffalo and the cool rains wetten everything, what are your creature comforts?

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