Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Images of Iona -
a spit of land amid the wind and waves
rocky, craigy, moss and grass-covering eon-aged rocks
ever-changing sea and sky
not much here but wind, sheep, God and one's self.
This little spit of land ~ where people gather from
all corners, places in the world, seeking God's presence,
to be touched by the love of Christ, to be neighbor.
Here in this remote place tamed only by farm fences.
This is not a place to be tamed, but a place where you learn
to live with the landscape, the geography - wind, sea, and the constantly morphing weather.
The journyey is long - but there is welcome.
The weather can be harsh - but the walls are sturdy.
Nothing is easy about living here and yet, there is an enormous peace
to this little spit of land.
This is Iona. You come not by chance, but by intention.
You do not just happen upon Iona. You must seek Iona out.
Once there, Iona will forever be with you and a part of you, wherever you on earth you call home.
Sacred spaces have a way of filling the empty places in our lives, even if it is just a little spit of land.

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