Thursday, September 07, 2006


LH was indeed surprised when my sister and husband rang the doorbell at dinnertime having just flown in from the Windy City. I pulled out the defrosted Italian Sausage hidden in the bottom of the crisper under a bag of tortillas.
Although, LH was mildly anxious/stressed over the gathering, he did settle in and enjoy the gathering of family, champagne toast, the reading of the lame little B-day ditty, opening of gifts, wonderful dinner at the Best Restaurant in Town, and the traditional birthday cake afterwards at home.
I even managed to find the bobble Hula girl as I was looking for something else. Didn't find the something else, but found the Hula Girl who was in hidden in a bag I looked through three times. Don'tcha know it!!! I will find the something else when I go looking for the other thing.
So, it was a wonderful gathering and a birthday worth celebrating. LH now joins the 50 and Over Club!!!!
Me? I've got some time before I join. And I'm in no hurry to get there!!!!!!

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