Sunday, March 22, 2015


For today’s Friday Five, write about five signs of spring that you look for each year and most especially this year.

1. The arrival of the red-wing blackbirds, that's the very first sign of spring in this part of the
    country. Robins can be here all year round. (We first heard them March 10th)

2. Rolled up tulip leaves and daffodil leaves poking up from the ground.

3. The first crocuses blooming! (and they are right now)

4. First person washing their car in the driveway! (Some guy down the street)

5. Grilling something for dinner outside. (That was Irish Bangers a week ago) Now
    it got too cold again to grill. Maybe later this week of next week as long as its not
    Maundy Thurs., or Good Friday.

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