Monday, March 30, 2015


Yes, it's Holy Week once again and no matter how I prepare for it and with 6 weeks of Lent, it still, all of a sudden, is here!
   This weekend, I snuck the "Alleulia" out of the box in front of the altar, and colored it in with multi-colored crayons. I snuck it back in Sunday morning all rolled up and tied with it's purple grosgrain ribbon and bow. As though it hadn't been touched! I knew I had to do it this weekend,
because with everything going on this week and all the things to get ready and remember, I might have forgotten, and it would have been a disappointing "Alleluia" without the transformation of
   As if there isn't enough going on, I have a funeral service on Wednesday for the M church. Actually, it was a relief and release for this faithful saint who has been unresponsive in the nursing
home for the whole time I've visited her since last July - although much longer than that. My visitation list is dwindling quickly and I may soon be out of position!!! So, there is now preparation for that service - mostly the sermon.
   I remembered to take down the altar display in the social hall - we did symbols of the cross - yet forgot to bring the canvas bag to put everything in. Yikes, it's starting already!!! At least, the altar is ready to be decorated for Easter - if they have a coffee hour. And I will have to remember to bring the bag on Maundy Thursday and take everything home.
   I still have to get a dozen eggs to color on Friday. Bread will be baked on Saturday and thanks be to God, no Sunday School class for 2 weeks!!!
   It's only Monday, and I feel tired. God grant us all strength and endurance to face and do all that lies before us in this most Holy and yet hectic week.

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