Monday, March 16, 2015


Still trying to be more grounded this Lent, but alas, more keeps cropping up. My star word for the year is "Peace". I could use some right about now!
  While putting Maundy Thurs. bulletin together, the church always reads Psalm 22 while the altar is stripped. Well and because we had a little passive-aggressive tiff last year, the old bulletin folder was removed from the new computer and hasn't reappeared. I did find last year's hard copy of the bulletin and shared the sad news that the bulletin preparing folks would have retype the entire Psalm with every other verse bolded.
   Then as I was going through some flash drives with sermons, liturgies, newsletter articles, etc. on them, I stumble upon a flash drive with Psalm 22 on it and every other verse bolded! Glory be!
I almost said the "A" word, but, of course, we buried it for Lent. But rejoice did cross my lips that God provided this wonderful thing that I had no idea was on that flash drive!!! What a grace!
  We had a visitor in church on Sunday, and a card will be sent to her.
  I have finished Holy Week liturgies and services. Just have to write the sermons.
  I have wisely decided to take Thursday off from the M church to work on aforementioned sermons.
  The sun is shining and the temps are warmer.
   Daffodil, hyacinth, crocus and tulips leaves are popping up from the ground.
   There are two praying manthis egg sacks on my potentilla bush and looks like they survived the snow and cold, hopefully.
   The redwing blackbird has been in our birch tree.
   And I am going on a hunt to find gold foil stars to give to everyone this Sunday to go along with Ann Weem's poem, "Stars of Righteousness", which is worked into my sermon.
  For all these Lenten graces, I give thanks to God.
  May you notice and give thanks to the graces in your Lenten days!

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