Friday, January 09, 2015


1. If you have one, what is your new resolution?
    To be more gentile. More gentile with LH, when things get very busy and I'm harried.

2. Many folks choose a new word for a year’s beginning, as Marci’s congregation does with StarWords. Some let their word choose them, like Christine at Abbey of the Arts. Do you have a
word for the year?
   I, too, have been giving out gift Star Words for years. On the 2nd Sunday of Christmas or Epiphany
   Sunday, the congregation is invited to pick out a yellow star with a word on it for the New Year.
   We trust the Holy Spirit is at work in the reaching into the box and drawing out a star word.
   Mine this year is "Peace." Funny, I named my new van "Eirene" and I am still making peace
   with her as I miss my old van. I will be seeking peace this year and being open to opportunities
   to offer peace as well as praying for peace (especially in the world) in the coming year.

3. What is your new favorite exclamation/phrase at times of joy or frustration?
      Lately, it's been fiddlesticks! Don't know why, I just started using it. Seems to help
     when I get frustrated.

4. Do you have a new favorite food, or an old one you are newly enjoying?
      I'm enjoying fresh avocadoes in my salads.

5. Finally, in general: what is your new favorite thing?
      Scrolling through Pinterest and seeing some of the clever ideas people have.
      I have a bunch of pins and someday need to try some. I have tried a couple
      recipes which were really good.

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