Monday, May 05, 2014


Actually, I got back in last Monday night around 9:50 pm and got home from the airport at 11:10 pm.
It was a busy week, unpacking, doing laundry, going in to church on Wednesday, writing the sermon on Thursday, grocery shopping on Friday and mending, going over my Sunday School lesson on Sat and getting everything together for Joy Sunday.
  Met my sister and niece in Denver at the airport that last Thursday in April. They were to arrive before me but were nearly an hour late. Good to see my niece who has spent the past several months in Ethiopia. Good to see my sister, too. I do miss her and wish we didn't live so far apart.
  It was 9:10 pm by the time we got to the restaurant outside of Denver for a very late dinner. It was good though. Then it was a nearly 2 hour drive west to get to my nephew's. We were exhausted after a quick hello, and dropping off my niece. My sister and I stayed at the local B & B - yah, they left the front door open and the room key on the kitchen counter!!!
  Friday was a simply gorgeous day - blue skies, sunshine and about 70 degrees. We went for a long walk drinking in the mountains, valley, river that runs through it, hearing marmots. It was so nice we could even eat lunch outside!!!
  Things got considerably cooler with each passing day and by Saturday evening there was a winter storm warning and it snowed! Enough to brush off the car windows!
   The baby shower for my nephew's wife was a lovely affair with many of her friends present. There was curried cashew chicken salad on croissants, a tossed green salad, fresh fruit, and apple salad. For dessert, there was chocolate chip cheesecake from Eli's in Chicago, and a lemon thyme dessert made by my npehew's wife - layered lemon wafer cookies with whipping cream, lemon zest or juice and thyme. Instead of a game, the hostess had lots of white onesies, burp cloths and socks and we tie dyed them. Pretty cool.
   On Sunday afternoon, we walked around the ghost town of Vail! With ski season closed and summer hiking/fishing season not yet arrived, most of the stores and restaurants were closed. And we were nearly the only people walking around in the cold and flurries!!!!
   On Monday morning we, my sister, niece and I, left with the intent to stop along the way to Denver at a small town to look around. After a filling breakfast at the small town greasy spoon, we headed out towards Denver and got stuck for nearly an hour on Vail Pass Summit due an accident. Probably driving too fast in snowy conditions.
   We did finally get to Frisco - but many shops were closed there too. We did find a few that were open. We picked up wraps to take on the plane since we weren't yet hungry for lunch.
   I came home with assorted souvenirs - a glow in the dark miniature Jesus, an Easter egg wreath, a piece of Raclette cheese, a corded neck shirt with aspen leaves on it and a couple books from the book store, plus a couple Christmas gifts for family.
     The morning that we left - I had on a heavy long sleeved t-shirt, topped with a cashmere sweater, smartwool socks, a leather jacket, and wool scarf. By the time we got to Denver, I ditched the jacket. On the plane, which was warm, I ditched the sweater. When I landed in Cleveland, it was 60 plus
degrees. Felt like a heat wave!!!
   Now it's back to getting ready for Pentecost and what lies beyond.
  Just this past Friday, when I went to the local grocery store, they had geraniums already. It's been so cool this April, I didn't think they'd have them til next week. So, I got my six red geraniums to put in the porch railing flower containers. I figured I'd plant them Thursday afternoon when I had time.
   On Sat, afternoon when I was out on the porch, Hummer, the male hummingbird stopped by. Well, I went inside, made up a batch of nectar, planted those geraniums and stuck the little feeder in my planter box so the poor wee thing would have some nourishment since little is blooming at the moment. Just hope I won't have to take the geraniums inside if it gets cold at night!!!
   Next up, planting my herbs which are on the kitchen counter and have been outside and brought in.
I already planted my oregano in a ceramic pot I found. No more oregano taking over the whole garden. I learned my lesson.
   So, it will be a busy month with I hope some warmer weather. I'm still thawing out from our winter and now the trip to CO.
   Hope all of you are recovering from Holy Week and Easter.

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