Thursday, May 15, 2014


  Today begins the denominational marathon! This evening, Synod Assembly begins with the most notable charge of electing a new bishop. Last year, the current bishop was overwhelming elected and when she went to the national gathering, was promptly elected presiding bishop of the ELCA. She was beloved here for the most part and we were saddened to lose her but knew she was being called to serve the larger church.
   So, this weekend will be spent at the Synod Assembly - Thursday evening, Friday and Friday evening, and Saturday morning.
   That leaves me with Saturday afternoon to prepare for Sunday (my sermon is already done!) and to make something to bring to the church's last potluck brunch following worship this Sunday.
   After my Sunday afternoon nap, I will be packing for a quick jaunt (ok, 3 hour drive) to Michigan for a Presbytery meeting/retreat. I leave early Monday morning and will return suppertime on Wednesday.
   Since I cannot be in the church office on Monday and Wednesday, I will go in on Thursday.
   It is unfortunate the two gatherings are back to back as it were. Sigh. And I still have to work on the sermon for May 25th.
   I trust that God is in the mix and on the side of the Lutherans and Presbyterians who are gathering to do the worshipful work of the church. I trust that God will grant me good rest and will help in this whirlwind of activity.
   So, let the marathon begin and God grant me the grace of endurance!


Robin said...

I envy you the Michigan gathering!

St. Inuksuk said...

Although it was work, this year, there was space to be, to be in prayer, to breathe. It was pretty good but fewer in number. The weather was great!