Monday, February 03, 2014

The Advent of Lent

Already it is a new month, and just about 6 weeks of winter left - although, we are to get a good snow event tomorrow night and Wednesday morning. Not looking forward to a challenging commute.
  Lent is getting close and I still have to plan out a Taize service which the church I am serving is hosting, and come up with a preaching scripture for a different Wednesday evening in Lent when I have to preach at a different church - the topic:
Why We Stand at the Cross.
   Yes, very general for 4 different preachers to deal with - the lucky one is the preacher who is to "preach" at the Taize service, in which there is no preaching, just silence.
  I haven't a clue really what scripture to ponder and where in the world I will go with this.
I'm thinking it's going to be a really short sermon!!!!!
I need more time to mull, to ponder this and I know I have to submit my scripture as a check that we are not all choosing the same scripture. However, no one can vouchsafe that we may not hit on the same reasons or themes. Ughh, I hate when things are this general and not more specific. Must be the J in me. Maybe its the Presbyterian I am in the midst of Lutherans!
  So, this week I'll be mulling and pondering, discerning and contemplating and most of all, praying for insight and direction. May God's Spirit be at work in me, outside of me, and all around this week.

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