Monday, December 02, 2013


It is sad to say that I am beginning Advent already tired. And Advent just began!
Perhaps it was all the preparation for Thanksgiving, the funeral, the arrival of my sister and BIL, and SILS. The busy Friday and slow Saturday morning, but then the laundering of the bedding and towels, and the Thanksgiving tablecloth and putting all of it away, and starting to address Christmas card envelopes and working on the German Christmas letter.
  And here came Advent - and I simply wasn't quite there yet. Oh, I had the sermon, service, and the diaper pins wrapped in a cloth diaper all ready. I, myself, wasn't quite ready. But I will be this week.
  It will go by too quickly and I hope I will be prepared, ready, and awake the closer Christmas comes. But today, I am just tired.
  I light a candle for all those who are weary and bleary-eyed this Advent season.

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