Tuesday, June 01, 2010

When Things Go Kaput -

Well, it's been a week of things going kaput!
First, the 'Fridge went out, at just 7 years old! It needed a new relay switch! Go figure - the replacement part is better than the original part!!! Thank goodness for good neighbors who have a freezer chest and room in it to put our frozen goods. LH laments the loss of his corn dogs (Yuck!). They have since been replaced!
Second, our oven is acting up. Went to bake a batch of my scrumptious brownies (as a thank you to our good neighbors) and it took over an hour to preheat to 325 degrees. I'm not sure it even reached that temperature. When I pulled the brownies out at the proper time, they hadn't risen and in the end where super gooey. Not good. Tried it the next evening to bake cottage fries at 450 degrees. It took over 40 minutes to supposedly reach that temperature. It took an hour to heat them enough. Of course, this happened on Friday evening before a three day holiday. Guess who's coming to our house today? Yup, the Serviceman who doesn't have enough to do!!!! Oh, and there was some smell of gas when the oven was on. The stove works just fine and there isn't any gas smell when the oven is off.
Third, on Thurs. evening, I charged up the battery of my 7 year old little digital camera. When I went to take a picture, I had a blank LCD screen. I charged up the other battery, and on Friday, put the other battery in and all I got were blurry purple streaks. Looks like the camera bit the dust. Course, it is 7 years old with only 3.2 pixels so its a dinosauer. But all this meant I had to get a new camera. Found a Nikon Coolpix that runs on AA Lithium Batteries and its red, cool!!!
Then I had to read up on how to use it, there's only a quick start guide. The owner's manuel is on a CD that you put into the computer. Now that's great. Say you're on a trip somewhere in the world and you don't have a computer, how do you access the info? Honestly!!! I had to run off at least one page that explained all the little icons that can appear on your screen. I may need to run off another page or two.
Mostly, I am thankful that these things went kaput now, before leaving across the pond. Could you even imagine the mess and stench of spoiled food in fridge and freezer after two weeks? Yikes!!! The oven will once again be working and I have a camera to take pictures with without hauling the big digital camera with interchangeable lenses.
Now, if I can just finish packing and try to get it in my head that 86 degrees here will not follow us over there. It will be much cooler. Hard to plan for that when one is sweating away.
I have my prayer all ready for my nephew and his wife as they renew their wedding vows with the vicar in front of family and friends. I have the Marriage Survival Kit all packed up. I have the Mother of the Groom hanky, ready for my sister. And all I need is to remember my hat for the dress. Just have to pack up a few miscellaneous items and my purse!! Then the adventure of this trip will begin...and with LH it's always an adventure!!!! How lost will we get from the airport to the Inn? From the Inn to the cottage in cow country GB? Only God knows!! I will try to keep my tongue quiet and only mention how far around the rotary to go - 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4. I am sure we will be going round them more than once.
So, I close my 400th post and pray a safe journey, filled with the goodness of being with family, celebrating a marriage, seeing sights, visiting relatives in Switzerland, having some fun, and returning safely in one piece. Be well and blessed in the meantime. And may nothing more go Kaput!!!

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