Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last evening I was leafing through some Swiss & German fashion magazines that I always purchase each time we go over. It helps with my German and its always interesting to see the ads and read an article or two that interest me.
One of the magazines had one of those surveys on What Vacation Type you are. I dutifully answered the questions as best I could - one question didn't have one answer I truly liked so I made a best out of them, choice.
When I tallyed my score - wouldn't you know it - I'm a Contemplative Vacation Type!!! Obviously not the Adventurer, or Jetsetter.
Again, not surprising, that at my age, I am true to form.
Now, I'm really ready for a more contemplative vacation after the stressful, each day go somewhere and see something or someone vacation.
I suppose it's ok to be true to form, to know yourself enough, to know what feeds your spirit and soul, in what settings you function best.
If only I could get my form a little leaner!!!

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