Monday, June 28, 2010

Some days, I feel very old, older than my age.
Some days, I feel so much younger than my age.
Some days, I feel just so tired.
Some days, I feel so technologically behind the moon.
Some days, I wish an end to this dark night and to our limbo.
Some days, I am glad to be away from LH.
Some days, I just want to be home with LH and the boys.
Some days, I feel like I don't fit in anywhere.
Some days, I wonder why I am in the ministry.
Some days, I can't imagine doing anything else than ministry.
Some days, I long to retire and wish I had the funds to do so.
Some days, my spirit yearns to be free and do things without the need for pay.
Some days, I am just so lonely.
All days, I pray that LH would find a position.
Some days, God seems so far away, uncaring, unreachable.
Some days, my spirit seems to have left me and I keep searching for it, and longing
for it to return to me.
Some days, I just go through the motion.
Some days, I feel alive.
Some days, I simply wonder what God is up to.
Some days, I just need a hug and to be held, only there's none.
Some days, I feel like giving up.
Some days, I bubble up with hope.
All days, I know God holds me in God's love and care, even when I feel it not.
How are you today?

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