Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Road Trip -
This year, we have unintentionally fostered two greyhounds. We are hoping that the third one's a keeper. Ty, although, he has settled down some, still has some male aggression and bit LH on his head, who wasn't provoking Ty in the least. Wearing blue jeans seems to bring it out more. Ty would make a great companion for a single female who needs protection. Most greys aren't "watch dogs" at all, preferring to welcome everyone who comes to the door with a sniff and wagging tails. Ty, is protective and barks. It's a shame because he did stairs right off the bat, when he had an accident, it was always on the tile floor and not the carpeting, and he responds to "NO".
So, this week we, LH and I, Ty and Jett will head to the Greyhound Rescue Organization's headquarters and together pick out a new grey. If only this wasn't a state away!!!! 10 hours on the road. It will be a long and tiring day.
We've enjoyed three wonderful greyhounds who all had some adjustment to make - but they all responded to "NO" and although two were wary of males none showed any aggression. We want so to welcome a new grey into our hearts and lives and homes and give them a second chance at life and a new life in a loving home with all the creature comforts they have never known and to which they readily adapt.
Jett now yearns for chest rubs once a day.
When I begin a new interim at the beginning of Nov. I will only be home two-three nights a week and he will have to cope with only two rubs per week. Yes, I am thankful for this new opportunity to minister and serve. I will miss coming home at night and sleeping in my own bed. I will miss LH and his support.
We lived apart the first year of our marriage, 400 miles apart, and didn't move in together until two weeks before our first anniversary. I really had hoped we wouldn't have to be separated again, but we must do what we have to do to meet our mortgage and pay the bills. (Sigh)
Sometimes, it feels like I've been "paying my dues" all my life with intermittent periods of relief. Perhaps, the "paying the dues" is a falsehood, and really doesn't apply to ministry where our values differ from the world's.
In the meanwhile, I pray that LH will be called to a position before too long, especially if we have to put our house on the market, knowing how long it takes to sell these days. I don't know how I'll pack up the house while living away from home, but, it will all be revealed in God's good time and I continue to trust the slow work of God.
For now, we will trust that there is a greyhound awaiting us who will fit in well, whose life we will fill with love and care and who longs to offer us his love.

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