Saturday, September 12, 2009


604.7 miles and a whole day later, we have welcomed a new grey into our lives - Jazz. Jazz joins Jett who also made the trip with us - and slept the whole day after!!!
After unintentionally fostering 2 other greys, this one seems to be a good match.
Ty was just too aggressive towards males and LH, and otherwise would have been a pretty good grey.
Jazz is brindle, short and compact compared to Jett, our fawn who is lean, long and very elegant. Jett is probably getting a bit tired of the whole affair of having to share with a new fellow and just about the time, the newbie learns the routine, he's taken back and yet another newbie arrives.
Jazz gets along with LH, wags his tail, climbs up the stairs and sleeps at the foot of our bed, hasn't had one accident yet, is good natured, curious, and seems to be content. He's 5 years old and we'll have to look up his racing record to see how he fared on the track. He seems to have been well-treated for the most part, which is good.
When we adopted our first grey - there were 50 greyhound tracks across the country. Now on our fourth grey, there are only 27 race tracks still left with a couple closing by the end of this year. That's half the tracks closed in 17 years.
Maybe there will be more responsible and less breeding and every grey will have a home when they are done racing.
Hard to believe that we've lived with greys for 17 years! Can't believe it's been that long- doesn't seem that long! Each has had their unique personalities and quirks and we've loved them all.
So we are joyed to have Jazz be a part of home, hearts and pack!

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