Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lowered Drinking Age Initiative

I understand that if one can drive, vote and serve the country at age 18, that they should be allowed to drink. However...the irresponsibility of the majority of teens leads one to think this is not a good idea.
When I check the College list I was grateful to see that my Alma Mater was not on it, but was surprised by several church affiliated institutions who were on the list.
There was drinking at my Alma Mater, but it wasn't near what is being done today, no hoses and funnels, etc. That's just sheer stupidity.
When the story appeared on the news last night, I said to LH that these colleges don't want to spend personnel, time and money enforcing their policies on underage drinking and also don't want to be liable for those students who die or are injured from their irresponsible drinking in violation of college rules and policies. Actually, I think the liability issue is the thrust behind the wanting to lower the drinking age. That way the college can't be sued by families.
They ought not to be anyway, because their child engaged in risky behavior, used poor judgement, and was irresponsible.
Perhaps, families ought to model responsible behavior, talk about drinking issues, etc. in the home as the child grows up.
Lowering the drinking age will make no difference to those who engage in such binge drinking. They will do it whether it is legal or not.
Hope these College Presidents use their degrees and use their wisdom.

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