Friday, August 01, 2008


Happy Swiss Independence Day!!!!
to all my family and my Swiss friends and acquaintances.
Wow! 707 years old!!
We celebrated by displaying the Swiss flag from our front porch. I wore my white capri's and a red T-shirt. We made Brats, Swiss potato salad and cole slaw (instead of sauerkraut). For dessert, I will indulge in a bowl of raspberries - something red!!!
VBS ended on a good note with an outdoor Beach Party carnival. There were different games for the kids - pick a rubber ducky for a candy prize, knock down three (plastic bottles with some sand in it), fish for a fish (by magnets in water), throw a ping pong ball into little bowls of water (no goldfish), do the Limbo, spin the wheel for a prize, throw an inflatable ring (3 of them) around the inflatable flamingo, get a tattoo (temporary of course!) We served hot dogs, chips, and freeze pops, water and lemonade. Each child received a tote bag in which to put their prizes and the parents talked and it was just a nice village/neighborhood gathering.
We were thrilled with the 55-60 kids we served each night - the majority were those who come every year with some fresh faces and new youngsters.
The kids will be singing in church for us on Sunday, and that will be a treat.
En'guete Alle!!! Lebet wohl!!!

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