Monday, June 25, 2007


I was tagged by The Psalmist for this meme and so I oblige

1. I dig Jesus' sense of humor.
It delights me.

2. I dig the way he savoured people and their situations with
love, compassion, and the call to discipleship.
It comforts, assures and challenges me.

3. I dig that Jesus glorified God and enjoyed God forever.
It keeps me humble and reminds me that it's about God
and not me.

4. I dig that Jesus loved me enough to suffer, die and live again
for us all. It overwhelms me.

5. I dig that Jesus sees through the crap and loves me anyway. It gives
me endless hope.

Because there is soooo much to dig about Jesus, I tag:
Holy Grounds, Pink Shoes, Blanket In the Grove, LutheranChik's, and NuevaCantora

Rules for this meme:
a)Those tagged will share "Five Things They Dig About Jesus".
b)Those tagged will tag 5 people.
c) Those tagged will leave a link to their meme in the comments section of the
blog of the person who tagged them (meaning this post) so that everyone can
keep track of what's being posted.

*Dispensation has been granted to St. Inuksuk from linking, since she still hasn't figured it out yet and is a slow learner. We retain hope that she will come around eventually. (The Powers That Be)

It appears that the egg count for Beau and Belle Bluebird stands at four and not three as previously mentioned. LH checked the nest in the box more closely and discovered the fourth egg. I feel like an expectant parent. Counting the days, looking out the kitchen window to make sure that Belle is on the nest (in the box) and leaving mealworms in the container on the fence so she won't always have to venture real far in getting a snack to sustain her solitary vigil. It will get very hot this week and I hope that she and the eggs will withstand the heat. Beau defends the box (nest) from those birds who venture too close. But it is Belle who sits in the box for hours and sacrifices the freedom of flying about the meadow with the sun on her wings under the expanse of blue skies. Now, she sits. Sits in a dark box, protecting and keeping warm her eggs, her babies. She has given up her freedom to raise a brood of dependent and demanding youngsters. But deep in her breast, in her heart, she knows that it is worth the wait, worth giving up her freedom, and worth the hungry beaks constantly begging for food. She knows it will be worth it when they fly on their own wings and savour the birthright of bluebirds - freedom to fly through the meadows. But for now, is the lonely, solitary box-sitting ritual and vigil and the waiting. And, I wait with her.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

FRIDAY FIVE: Hot Town Summer In the City...

Since summer arrived this week the REVGALBLOGPALS are revving it up for summer.

1. Favorite summer food(s) and beverage(s):
Watermelon, corn-on-the-cob, and anything off the grill
Water is still my favorite beverage, but I also like the Grapefruit Soda
from Italy at Trader Joe's - tastes best with lots of ice. (Pepita is better
but can't find it here only in Switzerland)

2. Song that "says" summer to you (need not be about summer explicitly):
Styx -"Come Sail Away"

3.A childhood summer memory:
Going camping every summer with the pop-up camper, visiting state and
national parks, playing Auto Bingo, tracking license plates, seeing
historic, scenic sites and looking for local wildlife (animals, not nite
clubs). We ventured all over the states, saw so much, got sick of each
other, set-up and broke camp together, hiked, toasted marshmallows over
the campfire, attended ranger programs and sunday services, looked up at
the starry night skies and just made many wonderful memories together as
a family. Our dog, Rex, went with us and loved it all as well.

4. An adult summer memory:
The wonderful day I spent in the pool at my folks' place in Florida. It
was sunny and 95 degrees, but I was in the pool the whole day and never
felt hot. I savoured that whole day, lounging, swimming, floating, doing
stunts in the pool.

5. Deacribe a wonderful summer day you'd like to have in the near future
(weather, location, activities):
I'd love to repeat the above! However, my parents joined the church triumphant
and the house was sold. So...LH and I head will head to a small beach area
on the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. I hope it's like today - sunny,
blue sky and 75 degrees. I enjoy walking up and down the beach, getting wet
at least up to the waist (the water's a bit chilly, but Lake Huron is even
colder), watch the gulls and deer and the waves. Lounge with a good book and
get a pedicure with my sister. I'm sure there will be the inevitable game
of croquet and I, as always, will come in last. But spending some time
relaxing with my sister and brother-in-law is a grace and simply relaxing in
such a great and beautiful place does wonders for my spirit.

Optional: Does your place of worship do anything differently in the summer
(fewer services, casual dress, etc)

Not really. Worship is the same time. The air conditioner is running.
Some folks may dress more casually and on really hot days, I can
dispense with wearing a robe.

Share your summertime joy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We are so thirsty here without much rain. The dryest spring here in this part of farmland and pastures. Our little corner of the county (where I live) is so dry, my birch has some yellow leaves and they are dropping. I've had to water my trees and know it is just a sip when they could use a gallon. The grass is brown and crunchy, the ground hard and parched. It's still spring!!! Won't even be summer 'til Thursday.
It looks like the end of July/beginning of August already. Hoping it will get better rather than worse. Have had to water the herb garden and flower beds nearly every evening. As a river clump birch longs for a soaking rain, my soul thirsts for God.
The thirst is palpable here.
On the bluebird front, finally, they have nested. Yayyy!!! That makes Sparrows 1- Bluebirds 1 for this season. (The sparrows, however, never did raise a brood since we dumped the three nests.) However, they did take over the Bluebirds first nest and prevented them from laying eggs.
It's been 3 years since the bluebirds raised 2 broods with us. We have been thirsty for them to make little bluebirds stymied ever by the nasty sparrows.
There are three little eggs in the nest. We are thrilled for Beau and Belle Bluebird and will be anxious vicarious parents these next few weeks.
Sometimes when you least expect it, the drought ends, the thirst is quenched and the refreshing, renewing rains fall with grace from Heaven. Thanks be to God!
May God quench whatever your thirst and refresh you this day.
It didn't work, so I removed my visual DNA.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Visited The Psaltery and found this one:

Not nerdy but definitely not hip. I defy categories!!!!!!

I am nerdier than 21% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Well, there you have it folks! Now it's your turn!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007


1) Find 9 people to do a Reader's Theatre for July 15th
on the Good Samaritan. So far 7...2 to go. ( 'Course that will mean nearly a third
of our attendence that Sunday!!)
2) Keep praying for new folks to come to church and to stay
with us.
3) Lose weight. Ever an on-going challenge, sometimes taken
more seriously than at other times.
4) Sew up the two green fabric panels for the chancel area.
5) Survive VBS!
6) Read something fun! Time for Nora Ephron's Neck book. (Had it since my
birthday in Feb. saved it for summer!)
7) Ahh, take time to sit on the fronch porch rocker!

Monday, June 04, 2007


So I went over to Psalmist (The Psaltery), read her entry and have been tagged.
Consider yourself tagged when you read this:
* I have bunions - thanks Mom and Grandmas
* I pluck chin hairs so as not to frighten small children and to avoid
being teased by Jr. Hi'ers
* Oldies are playing on my van radio most of the time (60's, 70's, etc.)
* Hated Swiss cheese when growing up, even though I'm Swiss.
* Have to sleep with a duvet even in summer, just for the weight on my feet.
* Spinach omlets are a fav food.
* My Greys know I'm happpy when I sing songs with made up words to them.

Well, there you have it! The ulgy and benign of it!! Now it's your turn.