Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We are so thirsty here without much rain. The dryest spring here in this part of farmland and pastures. Our little corner of the county (where I live) is so dry, my birch has some yellow leaves and they are dropping. I've had to water my trees and know it is just a sip when they could use a gallon. The grass is brown and crunchy, the ground hard and parched. It's still spring!!! Won't even be summer 'til Thursday.
It looks like the end of July/beginning of August already. Hoping it will get better rather than worse. Have had to water the herb garden and flower beds nearly every evening. As a river clump birch longs for a soaking rain, my soul thirsts for God.
The thirst is palpable here.
On the bluebird front, finally, they have nested. Yayyy!!! That makes Sparrows 1- Bluebirds 1 for this season. (The sparrows, however, never did raise a brood since we dumped the three nests.) However, they did take over the Bluebirds first nest and prevented them from laying eggs.
It's been 3 years since the bluebirds raised 2 broods with us. We have been thirsty for them to make little bluebirds stymied ever by the nasty sparrows.
There are three little eggs in the nest. We are thrilled for Beau and Belle Bluebird and will be anxious vicarious parents these next few weeks.
Sometimes when you least expect it, the drought ends, the thirst is quenched and the refreshing, renewing rains fall with grace from Heaven. Thanks be to God!
May God quench whatever your thirst and refresh you this day.

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