Monday, February 12, 2007


I mean really, why did Blogger have to switch to the new version?
I am having more trouble logging on and leaving comments. Is anyone out there having the same trouble?
Things were going along quite nicely and then wham, a mandatory change and it's a bigger pain in-the-you-know-where and has certainly deflated the fun of this.
Change is like that at times. Usually, one hopes that on the other side of change is not disappointment but a newness of possibility and of hope. Of satisfaction of surviving the change, of lessons learned, and growth in our life and faith.
Some changes are a real struggle, kinda like Jacob wrestling the angel.
We may battle change and be changed, even be won over by change.
And sometimes, we end up with a slight limp, or a bruise from change. In the end, we just hope to be better off by the changes in our lives.
Those of us in faith, seek God, in these changes, our anchor in turbulent times. Or we look to God for the meaning and truth behind change.
Sometimes, change just sucks.
So I will continue to struggle and deal with this new version as best I can and apologize for my comments not getting posted. I really do care and pray for all of you at RGBP!

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