Thursday, December 17, 2015


In just a week it will be Christmas and I have the liturgy together. I just have to print out the scriptures and write the sermon that is floating around in bits and pieces in my mind. It has been a hectic Advent season and for some reason, this year, it has taken me longer to get things done and
together, though not for the lack of working diligently.
  Just last night, after working all morning on my 4th Sunday of Advent sermon, I left for church after lunch and stopping to get gas, then a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up 2 bags of salad. a cuke, grape tomatoes and salad dressing for the mid-week Advent potluck and service/study.
   Arrived at church, checked in - email and phone. Made a visit, arrived back, worked on a couple things, turned up the heat in the classroom. Put the salad together. Enjoyed the potluck. Led the informal worship, two sessions to finish off the study, closed with prayer and benediction.
   Cleaned up from the potluck and was going to leave. One woman with mental health problem and medical issue, couldn't open her car nor find her keys. She called her husband to bring the extra key.
Two of us stayed with her, so she wouldn't be by herself. It took a bit while I was chaffing at the bit to leave for home and the hour drive. Her husband arrives with the extra key - she opens the driver side door and voila! the keys are on the driver's seat! I take off for home and the hour drive.
   Arriving home I set down all my stuff, put the extra salad and stuff away, do the dishes (coffee pot, breakfast & husband's lunch items. Dry the few items. Then sit down to fold and stuff German Christmas letters to family so that they can get in the mail today.
   After a short rest on the couch, I made my salad and lunch for today, listened to the news, caught the weather and crashed into bed.
    It was a long day. Most days have been that way. I am tired. I am worn. I am weary.
  I still have staff gifts to wrap and get ready - including husband's secretary. I have LH's gifts to wrap, my sister-in-law's, my niece's and her intended's.
   Every night this week I will be cutting out business cards from cardstock - with a color nativity scene and words printed on them and attaching them to vinyl magnets (one side adhesive). They will be given to everyone on Christmas Eve - 149 to go! It seemed like a great idea in October. It still is, just extra work.
    In the meanwhile I remain hopeful that by the very grace of God, all will be accomplished and ready for the special celebration that is Christmas!
   I just will sleep most of Christmas day!
May your Christmas be blessed and your New Year graced. May we look to God who makes all things new - especially us!

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