Wednesday, December 23, 2015


  So, we here on the North Coast are enjoying incredibly unseasonable weather! We will be in the 60's today! Unheard of!
   Yesterday, it was in the 50's and I was on the front porch before dinner time, when I spied what I thought was a leaf that blown into the potentilla bush. So, down the stairs I went and upon closer
inspection saw a mantis egg sac! On this one bush, I tied on a mantis egg sac just this past fall that I found on a spent coneflower stem. Wanting to save it, I tied the stem onto the potentilla bush. This other egg sac I missed because the leaves were still on the bush back then.
   Out of curiosity, I looked in the other flower bed across the front steps and lo and behold, in that
potentilla bush was another egg sac! Never had one there before.
   I thought I had rescued one egg sac this fall and was thankful that I didn't throw with the rest of
cut down stems over the back fence. But now, this discovery, this gift of 3 egg sacs this year!
I am thinking we will be crawling with mantis come June!!! Hope they migrate to our neighbors so we can share the abundance.
    If it hadn't been for this mild weather, would I have even spotted the 2 other egg sacs?
    Feel like I was given an early Christmas gift!
   Looks like my yard is mantis friendly!!!
  Thanks to God for this extra gift and may they survive the winter!

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